Verbal Humiliation

Ms Nikki—Long walk along the East River—Winter 2017.

When done correctly verbal humiliation is an art form. Children use words like idiot, stupid or dummy when trying to hurt one another. It’s simple. It doesn’t require much thinking. It’s primary.

Calling a fat man, fat, is obvious. It’s also easy. I don’t like easy. I like the opportunity to take my big brain out and parade her around. I like to give her a workout and push her though both her paces, and to her limits. Through pushing my own, I push yours.

I prefer to crawl around inside your head—poking and prodding—caressing and teasing—finding all the soft spots. Spots you don’t even known that you have.

Before we meet you, I know who you are. I know you think you’re consenting to temporary psychological surrender. You think you’re gifting your power to the little lady. You think you’ll get it back when you leave.

Oops! It’s sucks to be wrong. But, you my submissive little friend, are wrong.

I’ve been controlling you since the very first moment you called on the phone. Irrespective of your initial goals, you’ve been doing exactly what I want, in the precise way I want from my very first word.

I know you’re arrogant. I know you need to be humbled, debased and mocked. I will belittle you. I will make you feel small, low and worthless. I will make you a better man by sublimating your ego.

The seeds I plant grow. My words will resonate in your head, and I will continue to control you long after our time together.

So pull up your big girl panties, and arrange your humiliation via In-Person, Phone, Skype or Kinky Text.