The hand that spanks.

I believe over-the-knee spankings are the purest demonstration of dominance. In its simplest form: You’re bad. I put you over my knee. I administer a sound spanking. I force both an admission of guilt and an apology, along with your promises to be better. I leave you with the warm shame of your red bottom after instructing you to pull up your pants.

In more complex scenes I employ items from my toy box. I have large selection of paddles (wood, leather, PVC), hair brushes, wooden spoons, leather belts, floggers, canes, and crops to mete out punishment.

Flailing and resistance is futile. Spankees learn quickly that I’m happy to restrain them if necessary.

I’ve been known to pull my belt from around my waist for spontaneous bend-over-grab-your-ankles moments.

When role-play is incorporated I might wash your mouth out with soap, and I have no qualms about imposing corner time—you might even have to wear panties on your head, while I laugh, mock and shame you.

What’s your OTK style?

Anthony is paddled at my house in CT.