Skype & FaceTime

Skype on desktop in my home office. SPH & CEI play is making me smile. Do you dare?

Meet Me, Ms Nikki — Face-to-Face

SkypeFaceTime & Phone sessions are $5/per minute with a 20 minute minimum = $100.

  1. Send tribute here.
  2. Use my contact form to send me your: Skype or FaceTime contact information, and availability.
  3. I will confirm our time by email, and call you at the agreed upon time.

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[Image 1: Just a couple of my pretty-girl cocks lying around post-Skype.]
[Image 2: Skype slave wanking in the woods, while hiding from his family.]
[Image 3: Skype slave inserting an English cucumber on Skype.]

What filthy things will you do for me on cam?