Sensory Deprivation

Ms Nikki with her girl-cock in her hand.

Sensory deprivation can begin with as little as a blindfold. Removing your ability to see what I am doing heightens your other senses—smell, taste, touch, taste and hearing. I might add a hood or a ball gag to further deprive you of your access to usual sensations.

All my touch, good or bad, will become more intense. That tickle with a feather duster—the slap of my hand—the punishment from my paddle—are all greatly enhanced by your inability to see.

Maybe I push you a little further by inserting earplugs—covering them up with noise cancelling headphones. Now, you can’t see or hear me, but you’ll feel me close. You’ll feel my nails and fingertips gently running the length of your form. Never certain whether my touch will be pleasurable or painful.

It’s the ultimate escape into sub-space, because you will be laser-focused on what happens next. You’ll need to pay attention, because the next thing I do might be to force my big hard pretty girl cock into your mouth.

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