Role-Play Psychodrama

I enjoy making previously unrealized fantasy situations come to life in Role-Play scenes. 

I take pride in thorough advance planning and preparation. My goal is to make the scene so real that you’re completely removed from your reality that you become lost in the psychodrama.

Possible scenes:
•Unattainable Seductress
•Home Owner/repairman
•Personal Trainer/weight loss client
•Peeping Tom, caught & punished
•Lured under false pretenses; captured & mercilessly tickled.

*NB: You’re welcome to submit outlines and scripts. However, my time is limited. You must proffer tribute before sending in your script.

Roles I will not assume: mommy, sibling, nurse, secretary, care-giver.

To make your role-play scene a reality with me, visit my cautionary Meet Me and Consent pages.