Protocol Training

You could belong to Ms Nikki too. He went home like that—I used indelible marker…

If you’re an experienced sub, you should be well-versed in protocol. In the unfortunate event you are not, or if you simply need to brush up on your, “Yes Ma’ams” I will put you through your paces.

You will learn rules, protocol and you may even be given assignments—regular tasks you complete as part of my instructions.

You will learn to what to say, when to say it, when to remain silent, when to employ my instructions, and you will learn what I expect from you, along with when and how I expect my instructions to be executed.

Rules and protocol teach you how to the very best slave you can be for me. It may even earn you more of my attentions and privileges. A good slave who understand proper comportment is a slave I am willing to keep around. Maybe I’ll even allow you to become my property—as in, “I belong to Ms Nikki”.

This may mean you become my “collared” or ‘marked” property (providing your other life permits for this kind of overtly display of ownership). One long ago slave that I lost touch with during one of my lengthy sabbaticals has a bar code tattooed on his ass. When decoded it reads, “Property of Ms Nikki“. You know he can’t laser that off without a lot of uncomfortable questions. Ha!

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