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  1. Upon completion of this form you will receive an email from Ms Nikki instructing you to schedule a pre-sesssion phone call. During this call you will discuss your interests, goals and experience along with appointment scheduling details.
  2. *This call will last 10-15 minutes and costs $60.
  3. If you send tribute in advance, your form will receive priority and will be bumped up to the top of the Ms Nikki’s queue. Tribute means you’re serious!
    Ms Nikki only accepts Amazon gift cards as tribute for this first-time call. Alternative payment options will be available to you in future.
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Check all that apply.
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Example Limits: "No marks", "Short-term marks, only". "I can't take nipple play".
Example Physical Limitations: "Bad back". Can't be on my knees for long". "My dick doesn't get hard".
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