Physical Humiliation

Ms Nikki, 2015. Outside a club in CT—after margaritas—blowing cigarette smoke into a sub’s face. I don’t smoke, but I might if margaritas are involved.

I sent one Kinky Text™ playmate to see the pharmacist. I instructed him to elaborately describe his constipation, including the methods he’d already used to remedy it with. He was to seek her advise and counsel, while recording the conversation on his iPhone for my amusement. [Image of the text I sent him below]

Maybe I’ll send you to buy women’s panties and instruct you tell the clerk they’re for you.

Have I sent you to try on jeans one size too small and leave the changing room door open, so everyone is a spectator to your vast girth in too small pants?

Will I ship you my golden nectar to consume on Skype for me?

Are you naked and cleaning for me? Have I made you wear a frilly apron and warned you against letting that butt plug escape your ass?

I have no doubt forcing you to drink out of the dog dish might be in order to wash down the food that you ate from the floor—that I crushed with my shoe.

To experience my physical humiliations you may meet me, Phone, Skype or Kinky Text with me.

Golden nectar on its way to California.

Golden Nectar—Vacuum packed and shipped to San Jose.

My actual text message instructions.