Nipple Play/Torture

I ♥ nipple play. It’s included in virtually every session I do, and if a slave says that it is one of his hard “limits” then I have to give the scene a lot of extra thought. As in thoughts of—do I even want to play with this person.

Nipples are awesome. They rarely mark. I can twist them and turn them. I can pull on them. I can use my nails, and upon occasion I’ve been known to nibble on them with my teeth.

They’re positioned perfectly on your body—for me to grab between my fingers and twist—hard—as I look directly into your eyes.

When you cry out in pain, I always urge you to, “take it for me”.

You can feel my hair on your face, and my breath in your ears as I whisper encouragement to you—coaxing, cajoling—bending you to my greater will.

My favorite part of nipple play happens the next day. When you truly take it for me, your nipples remain very sore and sensitive to the touch.

I like knowing that each time your shirt brushes against those nipples the following day, you’re incapable of thinking about anything but me. That’s control.

I know you want to contact me so I can torture your nipples!