Foot Fetish

At my very favorite nail salon in Washington Depot, CT

Worship My Beautiful Feet

They’re long and thin, like I am. If you’re curious, I’m 5’9 in bare feet.

My shoe size is 9.5 — AA (that’s a very narrow width).

My feet are always perfectly pedicured and ready for worship.

Sometimes they’ve been in encased boots or sneakers all day making them much more odoriferously delicious for you.

Other times my pretty toes are wrapped in very high, strappy sandals showcasing the arch and toes.

Some days I walk around bare footed all day—collecting a patina of dirt in my travels.

Will I step in something icky and make you lick it off?

Whatever your foot freaky is, my feet are here for you to worship!

Click images for slideshow.
[Image 1: My feet ensconced in faux fur.]
[Image 2: Snakeskin sandals and bright orange polish.]
[Image 3: Bare feet in Chucks.]
[Image 4: Fresh glittery silver polish at nail salon.]
[Image 5: Nave blue polish in sandals in Litchfield, CT.]
[Image 6: Mint green polish at salon wearing Coach sandals.]
[Image 7: Bright red polish in vintage silver Donna Karan strappy heels.]
[Image 8: Fresh dark purple polish on naked toes.]
Image 9: Slave rubbing my stocking feet.]

Want to see my beautiful soles? You can meet my feet In-Person or with Skype!