Financial Domination

Ms Nikki, 2014. Hermes belt, gold Rolex, True Religion jeans, purple suede boots, Kelly bag & ivory leather jacket—off to lunch, bitches!

A potential sub once told me that people should pay me just to live; I think this is reasonable [his actual email pictured below]. Good to his word, he bought me a cute little BMW a few months ago.

Another long-time sub known for his generosity bought me a series of luxury cars, and then a small mansion in the country. How will you contribute to my luxe life?

Will I take your credit cards on shopping trip allowing you to tag along to carry packages.

Perhaps I demand payment or gifts for contact and attention.

Do you wait for me on a corner to drop off your paycheck?

Are you plying me with gift cards for my favorite vendors and services?

Do I monitor you by webcam, or NEST?

Is Teamviewer installed on your computer, so I can oversee your online activity?

Do we have a contract for monthly payments?

Have I forced you to sell all of your belongings and sleep on the floor?

Or, do I have iron-fisted control of all of your finances?

Whatever it is, you can be assured that I’ll be smiling.

Tribute first, and then submit plea to be considered as a potential financial slave on my contact page.