Domestic Service

What woman doesn’t love a man in domestic service working for her? The answer is that we all do.

I particularly enjoy watching a sub scurry around my home or apartment cleaning, tidying, vacuuming and serving as maid, butler or simply naked server.

Sometimes I will collar you, add cock bondage, insert a butt plug and stuff you in some panties or a frilly apron—any and all of these options may part of your session with me.

Often I’ll send you on  a series of errands before, after or during our time together. I may stand over you with a crop or a cane to ensure you are completing your duties to my satisfaction.

Other times I invite girlfriends, so we can, as a group, treat you as a mostly invisible servant.

If I find you particularly useful, I may even keep you chained under my desk while I attend to my email and correspondance releasing you only to complete your next task.

I will not trade you punishment for service (so do not even ask). You will tribute for my time, and you will be grateful for the opportunity to please me—and possibly my friends!

If you’re ready to begin domestic service, use my contact page to email me, now. Your panties are waiting, slut!