Discreet Public Play

A quick selfie on the way out to lunch.

I find few things more fun than discreet public play. I affect a girl-next-door look with a touch of glamour, and an air of authority. All empirical evidence suggests I can get away with just about anything, anywhere without drawing a second glance (unless I choose to). As a result, I’m afforded consequence-free discreet public play…

Are we having a lovely lunch? Did I bring you a small gift bag filled with pink panties and a bra? Have I instructed you to put them on in the men’s room? Was there a butt plug in the bag? Did I escalate? Is it a remote control butt plug? If there is, be forewarned—I will activate it at the most inconvenient moments, and I will find it highly entertaining.

What if I take you to a pedicure salon, and I embarrass you by insisting that you have your toenails painted before we leave?

Are you dressed in full female attire? Are we girlfriends? Do we have a girl’s lunch and shopping day?

On a dinner date, I may have a small container in my pocketbook. It might be filled with a warm yellow liquid that I’ve altered with food coloring. It would be safe to assume that I will refill your wine glass with its contents when no one is looking.

Golden nectar colored blue ready-to-go on my counter & later in his wine glass at a steakhouse in Danbury, CT…

Have I grown tired of listening to you? Do I stuff a ball gag in your mouth and walk you down the street like that? Will I add a collar and leash for effect?

Did we have an accidental meeting in a bar? Whether the goal is flirtation, torment, humiliation or even kidnapping, there’s no doubt that I will be smiling.

Is an abduction scene in your future? How complicated is it? Do you have an inkling of when I might snatch you up or have I studied your patterns of behavior, leaving you woefully unaware of when I might strike?

Public play possibilities are truly endless. I want to hear your thoughts! Use my Contact page to email me.