Corporal Punishment

I 🖤 masochists. I go hard and I leave marks.

A quick at-home selfie before leaving for a ball busting scene in Greenwich, CT with one of my hegies.

I have lots of heavy-duty toys for masochists — crops, canes, whips, cats, floggers and dozens of heavy wooden paddles. All guaranteed to inflict pain.

I like to use my hands for face slapping, backhands, nipple torture and CBT.

For ball busting my feet and knees come into play .

Typically, I will make you recite a complicated method of counting as each blow is delivered. You will fail. I will laugh, and we will start again from one.

I know you want be the very best slave you can for me. You will take your punishment with grace, and you will express your gratitude, because when you do I will take you to that beautiful place called subspace.

You know you need it, and the added bonus is that I am immensely entertained by your suffering.

To experience the liberating release that comes from pain, Consent to a corporal session, and it will be my pleasure to go—hard.

Click images for slideshow.
[Image 1: Victim 1—Yes, he is definitely a pig, which is why I used indelible marker.]
[Image 2: Victim 1—And he was definitely better after 100s of blows with my crop.]
[Image 3: Victim 1—Some nice red back marks.]
[Image 4: Victim 1—Ass and thigh marks. ]
[Image 5: Victim 1—Marked from the tip of his toes to his neck. Looks hurty doesn’t it.]
[Image 6: Victim 2—Bloodied sandpaper-enhanced paddle. See video of this on spanking page]
[Image 7: Victim 2—Another scene, but I managed to take most of the skin off his ass. He reported sitting was extremely painful for days.]
[Image 7: Victim 3—My long nails tore up his back at Mistress Natalie’s dungeon.]
[Image 9: Victim 3—The damage Natalie and I did to his ass.]
[Image 10: Victim 4—Some nice bruising and my secret torture—waffle butt.]

Let your masochism flag fly. Use my contact form to arrange your in-person scene.
I’m eager to mark you up!
I also encourage self-flagellation on Skype.