Ms Nikki goes full-Western wearing cowboy boots for an upstate NY concert—as a guest of CT’s, Mistress Suzanne.

Consent is a complicated issue. In social relationships it can be fraught with misunderstandings and miscommunications. It requires lots of very open “talk”, and a level of forthrightness that most people are deeply uncomfortable with, and it often takes months of negotiation.

I am a professional. I have been a pro for so long that everyone should just hand me a gold watch upon meeting.

As a professional I handle things a little differently than if we our initial encounter was a social one. I have telephone screening process where I ask probing questions. My questions are designed to keep you off-base, so you’re a little uncertain as to “what” just hit you. My techniques give me honest answers, and when they don’t, I know. I hear the change in your breathing, I note hesitations, and most importantly, my experience tells me when you’re being truthful and when you’ve just told me a whopper.

FYI: My screening process is also designed to root out the angry faux-alpha with a trigger switch. There are lots out there and I like to dispose of them quickly with my special brand of surgically precise questioning.

When I’m confident that you’ve finally painted an accurate picture—of your goals, that you are genuinely submissive, and I’ve evaluated your real practical experience—we can move on to the scheduling portion of our discussion.

It’s not easy getting to the bottom of all of this, because altogether too many of you exaggerate your practical experience, and you use words and terminology you don’t even understand. You present like you’re the Don Juan of subs after watching 12 videos on the internet, calling a domme? once in your burg or hamlet, and one 15 minute real-life experience 10 years ago. Hyperbole, but you get the picture.

Conversely, I’ve had 1000s of experiences in multiple countries for decades. That’s real experience!

This where tribute comes into play. Tribute is the quintessential form of consent. You seek me out, and you pay homage to my experience, and for my time. The exchange of $ equals consent in anyone and everyone’s playbook—anywhere. Your tribute shows me that you unequivocally and without reservation agree to a consensual adult act with me.

Why is this so important you ask? It’s more than just important. It’s paramount. Anything less is tantamount to malpractice.

Think about it. If I held a Black Belt degree in martial arts it would be fair to reduce you to a mess pulp of flesh if you bumped into me on the street? No. It would be grossly unfair because we don’t share the same skill set. Much in the same way, I don’t routinely grab up unsuspecting busboys and force them to eat cum, and I don’t begin spanking rude, unhelpful sales staff in a store when they annoy me (although I may leave them with a withering takedown that leaves them seeking therapy—well, only in the most extreme cases), but you see my point.

I do fantasize about the above, I just don’t do it!

In the event you’ve read this far and still missed my point, I am not a predator. I do not lull unsuspecting victims into my lair (despite your fantasy that I do). I don’t hold them captive and abuse them against their will, because that would be wrong. I like to be on the right side of life, and I know with absolute certainty that you do not feel coerced, manipulated or forced into anything against your will the moment the dollars hit either the table, or my account. This, my submissive friends, is why you pay tribute.

So do it willingly, do it generously and do it often. Then I can have my way with you, and we’re both on the very same page.

As always, forging better humans through supplication!

Ms Nikki