Ms Nikki goes full-Western wearing cowboy boots for an upstate NY concert—as a guest of CT’s, Mistress Suzanne.

Consent is a complicated issue. In relationships it can be fraught with misunderstandings and miscommunications. It requires lots of very open “talk”, and a level of forthrightness that most people are deeply uncomfortable with.

I am a professional. I have been a pro for so long that everyone should just hand me a gold watch upon meeting.

As a professional, I handle things a little differently than if we our initial encounter was a social one. I have telephone screening process where I ask probing questions. My questions are designed to keep you off-base.

My techniques give me honest answers, and when they don’t, I know. I hear the change in your breathing, I note hesitations, and most importantly, experience tells me when you’re being truthful. I know when you’ve just told me a whopper.

I will move on to the scheduling portion of our discussion only when I’m confident that that you are authentically and genuinely submissive.