Confinement can take many forms. It can range from simple, loosely applied bondage that gives the feeling that escape may be possible, however remote. Me standing over you preventing that from happening exacerbates the vulnerability of your predicament.

You might be left alone to ponder your fate, or maybe I’m observing you on video from another room. You’ll feel truly lonely and afraid when I leave you plenty of time to consider your bad behavior that resulted in this punishment. You’ll be exposed, vulnerable and afraid. Just the way I like you.

Confinement might mean that you’re naked, or forced to wear some humiliating garb like those panties that embarrass you so much.

You might be collared, leashed and stuffed under my desk. I’ll maintain a firm hold on your leash. Keeping you both close, but also ignored.

Perhaps I’ve locked you in my bathroom with nothing to do but consider your shortcomings. No where to sit and sooth yourself, but the cold, hard tile.

I might add painful nipple clamps to increase your suffering as you pine for my attentions.

Are you tied you to a tree in the yard? Have I disappeared out of view. Will I return to release you, or have I just abandoned you altogether.

I may simply cage you and leave alone in the basement or the garage.

My girlfriends love to mock my subs. Are you close to me and subject to endless verbal reprimands.  Who have I invited over to intensify your humiliation and suffering?

The first step on your journey to confinement begins with contact.

[Photo 2015. Sub is gagged with a mouthful of My panties. Secured by duct tape. He has silk fabric tightly covering his eyes. His mouth and nose are covered with more fabric. His wrists are shackled. His body and legs are bound with tightly buckled leather straps. He remains in the standing position, bound-senses heightened.]