Chastity Training

This shiny chastity device could be for you.

A chaste life allows you to focus on what is important, and it’s not your cock, extracurricular sex acts, or your obsessive wanking. You need cock captivity. You need orgasm control and denial.

I will train you to accept your captivity. I will train you to move beyond the initial discomfort and chaffing. You will learn to love and accept the loss of control. You will learn to be a better man, for me.

You know that you need it. That’s why you’re looking at this page.

Despite this knowledge, you will protest. You will beg, and you might even cry for release. Release equals failure, and penalty. Are you up for this challenge?

We will begin slowly if you’re new to the chaste life. We start with an appropriate device that is properly fitted. Then, I will lock you up for a few of hours. Next, you will try a few non-consecutive overnight sessions. When I am confident that you’re ready to move forward you will begin weekend training. If you please me with your success I will allow to move forward to week-long chastity session.

You will share your daily progress, and you will send evidence pics by email or text.

When and if I deem you worthy, I will accept the role of your Keyholder. I may carry it around in my handbag. I may lock the key up in my safe. If you’re extra good I might even wear a gold copy of it around my neck.

Successful training leads to the sweet bliss of release, and no release is as good as one that comes from embracing chastity!

You may use my contact page to apply for your much needed chastity training—maybe I’ll even make you my little cuckold…

This Kinky Text playmate completed 72 days in chastity for me, and proved his devotion in this assignment. Watch his humiliation !

[Image 1: New Kinky Texter, ES. Day 4 enduring chastity for me, while following instructions to edge 4xs daily.]