Clothed Female, Nude Male

In my company you will be forever naked—objectified, examined, exposed, vulnerable and subject to my whims. I will always remain in perfectly coiffed and clothed so you can admire my sartorial superiority.

What demeaning things will I make you do?

You might dance for me, as I shame you for your total lack of rhythm. I might make you perform feats of strength while I appraise you with critical eyes, and even harsher words. I love to watch the cheeks of your ass quiver when I challenge you to the 5 minute plank. I know you can’t do it, but as I stand above you, crop in hand and watching you shake and ultimately, fail makes for some fine entertainment—for me.

Perhaps I verbally humiliate you for your nakedness, laughing at your inescapable predicament. Will I subject you to CBT or SPH?

Maybe I just tease you, all the while detailing exactly what you are missing, and what other more worthy men might experience.

We can explore this in-person, on the phone, or using Skype, but the first step is always, contact.