Ms Nikki with her 5am morning coffee in CT. Sleepy!

Cum Eating Instruction

You’d be surprised at the sheer volume of men I’ve instructed to eat their own cum, and the creative ways in which I’ve done it.

Sometimes I serve it up in a shot glass, freshly chilled from the fridge. Or, I might catch it in the palm of my hand and force you to lick up every drop.

I keep mixed blends in my freezer to serve up in a fun game I call I’ve  “Whose Cum is it Anyway”. It might be yours. It might be someone else’s. Only I know for sure. Can you guess?

I love to make my Skype boys come on their desk and slurp it up with a straw.

If you get it on your hands, you can be sure I’ll make you lick all your fingers like it was KFC.

Another favorite is when I make you my little cocksucker, and I force you to suck it off my big hard, pretty-girl cock.

And in more evil moments, I’ve smeared it all over a slave’s face before making him take me out. In public. To a restaurant, as it was still drying on his face.

It’s my cock. It’s my cum. You will eat it for me!

[Audio Sample: A real audio clip sent to a regular Kinky Texter.]

A little cum and chocolate pudding. Yum!

I’m going to make you eat My (your) cum even if it is in a sandwich!

[Images 1 & 2: A Kinky Text playmate (the Frank mentioned in the audio clip) sent me these proof-of-consumption pics—prepared chocolate pudding and cum.]
[Images 3, 4 & 5: Kinky Text again, but this time it’s cum in a hero sandwich.]