Cock and Ball Torture

Have I tied your cock up nice and tight? Are you holding the end of the cording in your mouth? Have I given you instructions not to drop it, no matter what I do to you?

Cock bondage by Ms Nikki.

Have I attached some colorful weights to your balls to increase your suffering? You already know you will take it for me.

Colorful weights could be hanging from your balls too.

I have I treated you to a round of clothespins and made a craft project out of your scrotum? The fun part for me is they hurt even more when I remove them (and that’s if I do it gently). Maybe I will flick them off one-by-one with my crop?

Clothes pins covering his cock and balls. That must hurt!

Another willing victim got multi-colored clothes pins. How celebratory.

Tied up nicely, but his newbie could only take 2 weights on his balls. Must work harder!

Whatever method I choose, rest assured your cock and your balls will suffer! The same way these boys did…

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