Boot & Shoe Worship

Ms Nikki’s thigh high, lace-up PVC boots.

These boots are made for you to worship. You will be worshiping naked and on your knees. Your tongue will lovingly caresses my boots, and you will thank me.

You will marvel at my height. With these boots on I go from my barefoot 5’9 to 6’2.

So commanding. So powerful. So confident.

Inhale the fragrant combination of leather and the essence of my feet. It’s intoxicating! You won’t be able to resist.

I want you to lick the soles clean, and then you will take that heel deep into your mouth, and suckle it, like it’s my big hard, pretty-girl cock.

Can you feel my sole pressing down on your cock and balls? I know you’re enjoying the delicious feeling of pain.

I stand tall. Above you. My boot pressed into your face, my heel scraping against your skin. I tease you with each subtle movement as my boot moves across your flesh.

Worship my boots—demonstrate your devotion. And then, you may revel in your lowly status at my feet, bootlicker.

This could be you. My boot could be on your face.

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