Spanks From Charleston

Spanks From Charleston

Sunday’s “Spanks From Charleston” began as a quick little turn-around trip from Savannah to Charleston. I didn’t have time to see much, because I had to rush back for a dinner obligation involving a Porterhouse steak. I am not a girl who will pass up quality meat products, so my time was limited.

I did, however, have an opportunity to get in some quality spanking time with Anthony. Anthony is a long-time spankee of mine. I’ve spanked him in 5 states and The District of Columbia. He’s also featured in a video on my Spanking page. I’ve spanked Anthony in my CT house, my Manhattan apartment, at his country home, outside in the woods in Massachusetts, in hotel rooms, and once when he annoyed me I spontaneously pulled off my very thick leather belt, and I let him have it after we left a Mexican restaurant. Now I’ve spanked him in Charleston too.

What I’m saying is, Anthony is a good guy, a good sport and he can take a very hard spanking. He has proved his devotion to me time and again in countless ways, and I like spanking him.

My giant rolling bag of equipment lives in the trunk of my car. A girl never knows when someone, somewhere will demonstrate behavior that requires some of my special corrective techniques. So, after “A” dragged it in from my car he asked if might select the equipment I used. I allowed him to root through my bag and select the paddles and cane he wanted me to use on him. He later admitted that he’d previously thought canes were for kids, so you can imagine his surprise when he was so quickly disavowed of that notion. #wrongthinking

Anthony is always overconfident despite the countless paddles I’ve broken on his ass over the years.

I usually begin by putting Anthony over my knee, briefly. He’s a very big boy, and I have a tough time getting my angle right, so the OTK part of our adventures is typically little more than a symbolic gesture. Yesterday was no different. I warmed up his bottom to a nice warm red before I repositioned him; knees on sofa facing the backrest. This allowed me to stand behind him with the implements pictured below.

I began with a series of very heavy whacks using the round paddle at the top of the photo. It’s one of my all-time favorites, and it’s absolutely brutal. It’s from some kind of paddle-y sport that I don’t remember, but whatever it is (maybe you can tell me) it’s excruciatingly painful. I 🖤 this paddle.

As an aside, Anthony and I play without a safe word. In general, I don’t use safe words with the exception of rank newbies, who need the additional psychological reassurance of an “out”. My feeling is, I know where you need to go better than you do, and it’s my duty to take you there. Plus, I hate whining.

Anyway, back to Anthony’s reddening bottom. Anthony knows cries of mercy are futile, so he takes what I’m in the mood to dish out. After countless blows from my paddle—all heavy, all hard—I switched it up and used the cane he’d chosen. It provides a sharp bite to the skin after the heavy-duty whomp, whomp of the paddle. By this point “A’s” ass was becoming a nice crimson with some light skin breaks.

Next, I went hard with the leather paddle giving him about 50 more whacks. By this point, he was warmed up and yelling out a lot of, “Owwwws” at which point I was so entertained that I decided to record him on my phone, so I could share it with you.

The audio below is from about halfway through our 20 minute scene, right before I brought the big black wooden one into play. Anthony’s Sunday spanking window was very small. I squeezed a one hour scene into 20 minutes. Anthony was more than a little afraid that his weekend house guests would return from their sightseeing at any moment and catch us inflagrante delicto.

You’ll note that I wore my cute little red Converse All-Stars and jeans keeping our cover story intact in case anyone saw me coming of going. Fortunately, I have a lot of experience sneaking into and out of apartments, house, hotels and business disguised as the girl-next-door. For me, it adds to the deliciousness of the scene—that, and I never need a special outfit to dish out punishment. Are you brave enough to extend an invitation?

As always, forging better humans through supplication,

Ms Nikki

P.S. In case you’re wondering, my porterhouse was amazing!

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[Image 1: Paddes used in Anthony’s spanking session (and my little red Converse.]
[Image 2: Anthony’s very red bum!]