Winter in Savannah

Winter in Savannah

I never thought a NYC girl like me would find herself wintering in GA, but I’m loving Savannah—it’s innate debauchery—and my little guest house. I’ve been here 2 weeks. I’m finally settled in. That means I’ve begun abusing the local boys.

On the topic of debauchery (a personal favorite), I fed cum to an orthopedist in his office after hours this week on Thursday. I rolled up just after the last member of his office staff left. I carried my briefcase, so our assignation would pass for an off-hours meeting if anyone was to notice my late arrival. When I entered his office I immediately took my place in his desk chair instructing him to assume his proper position at my feet.

When he was seated, I open my briefcase. He was mumbling words of gratitude, as I took a small sealed, silicone container that held his version of manna from heaven. His rapid breathing was audible, as I looked into his eyes while opening it. He leaned forward, clearly excited, as I instructed him, “Beg me for it. Beg me to feed you cum, you filthy slurpy, little cum slut”.

“Please, Ms Nikki. Please. Please feed me the cum, Ms Nikki”, he stuttered, clearly nervous. Smiling, I said, “That was a start, but I’m having trouble hearing you. I want you to say it louder, convince me you really want it”. “Ms Nikki”, he said with fear in his voice, “I can’t say it any louder, what if someone hears me”. When I explained, “If you’re more afraid of someone hearing than you are of me packing up my little gift and leaving with it, I guess you’re not that serious” he began to visibly quiver.

I like a man who shakes a little in my presence, so I was delighted when he spontaneously shouted out, “MS NIKKI, PLEASE FEED ME THE CUM”.

The color left his face when I reached out with my right hand and tilted his head back. I stuck my forefinger in his mouth forcing it open, at the same moment I reached with my left and began dribbling the contents of my little silicone container into his mouth. Drop by drop the cum fell into his hungry mouth, and when it was almost empty I tilted the silicone forward and forced him to lick up every last drop of the residual jizz.

He stammered, “Thank you, Ms Nikki, thank you”, as I dropped my little vessel back into my briefcase and stood up. As I walked to the door of his office, his voice got louder, “Ms Nikki, next week—may I see you next week”? “Maybe, dirty, cum slurping doctor, call me”, I said with a wicked smile as I left. If only his adoring patients knew what I forced him to do.

As always, forging better humans through supplication,

Ms Nikki
[Photo: Forsyth Park, Savannah, GA—October 25th, 2018. I played tourist a couple of days ago and took this obligatory photo.]

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