I always find it a little difficult to write my story. It all began, what seems like forever ago, in my teens. It was then that I was first introduced to BDSM; this was many years before I’d ever hear the terms BDSM, S&M or fetish. I often say that, “the life chose me long before I chose the life”.

Ms Nikki in assless-chaps. Ontario, Canada 1986.

I’ve always been tall and quite mature for my age, and it seemed that men recognized my natural presence and command long before I became conscious of it. I’ve always been very free-spirited and open-minded, and I think that the energy of acceptance that I put out made it easy for men to reveal themselves to me. They were not disappointed with my warm reception, and I was encouraged by their gratitude and devotion.

After a series of introductory experiences that remain permanent parts of my mental cache, I turned my avocation into what has become a lifelong vocation. After about a year of running the streets of NYC with a bag of equipment and playing with some of the most powerful men in town, I needed an indoor solution.

That indoor solution was the first step that led to me starting a revolution in BDSM in Manhattan, owning and operating four of the city’s most exciting and successful dungeons. They employed dozens of professional Dominatrixes at any given time, and I’m exceedingly proud of the hundreds of women that were trained in this lifestyle during that time period.

Next, in the 90s, I, along with a small team, created countless websites including one of the very first REAL BDSM pay sites with live streaming cams. I also produced and archived hundreds of hours of video, and I built a streaming server for one-on-one webcam scenes years before the general populace even understood what webcam scenes were all about.

In 2006 I traded my glamorous, eastside Manhattan life for a quieter, much more subdued one in the rural Berkshires where I remained on self-imposed sabbatical until early 2015. Today I split my time between Manhattan and Roxbury, CT (Litchfield County). See my Travel Schedule for more detailed information on where I’m visiting this year.

I’m available for scenes with discriminating players, who appreciate my unparalleled experience. If you want to know more, you can arrange a Skype/FaceTime meeting with me. More insight into my personality can be found in my Interview and you can read Mistress Natalie’s (a former protegee) Intro to this site by clicking the links.