Meet Me

Meet Me

Who is Ms Nikki?

I’m a Dominatrix—a lifer of sorts. BDSM has been a part of my life since I was 16 years old. For nearly 20 years I was the proprietress of 4 NYC dungeons. Hundreds of women were trained in the BDSM arts under my watch, many of them still recognizable names in the scene—I controlled them, and I will control you too.

You can find out more in Bio, Interview, Intro and Casually Domme.

Where is Ms Nikki?

Washington Depot, CT—Ms Nikki @the manicurist. See the eggs from her hens!

I’m split my time between Manhattan and Roxbury, CT. I travel to Washington, DC, the Midwest and the southeast a few times per year, and I schedule By Request Travel within the continental US. More information on the Location page.

If you’re near any of regular locations, I’ll be happy to consider meeting with you. All first-time, in-person appointments require a minimum of one day advance.

I meet with submissive and kinksers in-person—and virtually by—Phone, Skype, or Kinky Texts™.

How do I go about meeting Ms Nikki?

You should bring your best manners (think of it like a job interview and impress me). You are not alone in your pursuit of my attentions. I know it’s easy to feel like you are the only person in the world with your particular fantasy. In reality, there are thousands of you all over the world. I can’t spank everyone, no matter how much I’d like to.

Be genuine. Be honest. Be respectful.

Do not send me 5 page introductory emails outlining every BDSM experience, fantasy and thought you’ve ever had. I will not read it. I get ten of these a day. I will give you an opportunity to tell me your details on the phone in a pre-session interview (ONLY after you’ve completed my Profile Form).

While not mandatory, I prefer our first face-to-face encounter take place over Skype or FaceTime. When I can see and hear you, I get a better sense of who you are as a sub, which ultimately makes for a better first-time session. The more you put into your scene, the more you get out of it. The bonus is—you get to see me too!

September 2018—Ms Nikki in Washington, DC

Some of  you really want me to read a lengthy outlines or scripts. I’m open to this, but It’s customary to send tribute to cover my time (details can be found on tribute page). This way I know that you are serious, and not someone just looking to subject a stranger—Me—to your budding literary pursuits. Yes, this happens!

My open (free) phone hours are 9am – 12pm EST (make sure you’ve completed my profile form) — outside those hours, use NiteFlirt.

I am very strict about not only my phone time, but all of my rules. I am rigid because the general public behaves badly when given free phone privileges. I prefer to use my energy on positive pursuits—like playing with you.

If you are given my mobile number and instructed to call at a specific time—don’t text me immediately. It’s rude and thoughtless. I offer Kinky Text packages for this purpose. Unauthorized use of text represents a willingness to exploit my time. You don’t want to be that guy. That guy gets blocked.

It’s not complicated, if you are genuine and respectful, I will happily consider you as a potential sub. I give priority to sincere applicants who understand that the attentions of seasoned Domme are a gift.

To sum it up, I only play with nice people. You should be polite and respectful. You should plan in advance, because I’m never free “same day” before we have an established relationship.

You understand that my commodity is my time, and you know that tribute is necessary to receive my time and attention.  If you can follow these rules, I look forward to hearing from you—and of course, to abusing, objectifying and using you mercilessly!


As always, forging better humans through supplication.

Ms Nikki