By: Mistress Natalie, March 9th, 2015

My history with Ms Nikki spans decades, and it is my privilege to enlighten you on how amazing she is. If you’re lucky enough to be chosen to serve her, I guarantee you will understand why.

Beauty, intellect, wit, humor, effortless elegance, exacting standards, true dominance, and Kreskin-like mind melding skills are just some of her finer attributes. They’re all weapons in her arsenal that she uses to exact her demands on eager subs. Nikki is in a class unto to herself, an Alpha, who needs no bells and whistles to intimidate even the hardiest of souls. 

Once in her presence you will be mesmerized by her and eager to bend to her will. Do not let her elegant but casual appearance fool you. This woman is a force to be reckoned with, and she will push you to places you never imagined that you could go.

Ms Nikki has impeccable taste and exceedingly high standards. She will not compromise and will demand that you meet her expectations. If you want to understand what it like to be in the presence of a true Dominant, then look no further. It has been an honor and pleasure to bear witness to Ms Nikki in action. Hopefully, you will be chosen. If so, your surrender will be as exquisite as she is. 


A brunette Ms Nikki groping Mistress Natalie in March 2002. Photos by Suzanne White.

Thanks for the nice words, Natalie!

Mistress Natalie began working for me at Eastside Dungeon in April 1993. Several years later I moved her up to my VIP location—Suite One. Later, she joined me at my V-VIP dungeon (I added some throwback exterior shots for fun).

Natalie worked for me for 14 years, and when I left the commercial dungeon biz in Manhattan in 2006, I gave her everything—all my custom designed dungeon equipment and gear, along with my antiques. She moved it all across town to West 38th St. where she and it remain today.