Interview with Nikki

Interview with Nikki

Q: When did you do your first scene?
A: I did my first scene at age 16. It was a smoking fetish.

Q: How long have you been a professional Dominatrix?
A: I began as a part-time, pro-Domme in my late teens. I’ve been a full-time pro since my early 20s.

Q: What do you like to be called?
A: Ms Nikki is the moniker I took on in the early ’90s to distinguish between myself and my Mistress staff and I’m very comfortable with it. Alternatively, Ma’am or just Nikki — formalities aren’t a big deal to me; I know who I am.

Q: Describe your favorite kind of submissive.
A: I like genuine, real people who are comfortable in their skin and who own their submissive status. I’m happiest around people who place emphasis on personal growth, change, evolution and open-mindedness. I’m inspired by bright, playful people who contribute to their scenes in a meaningful way and to those who enjoy laughing because there’s little doubt I will be laughing both at you and with you.

Q: What don’t you like in a submissive?
A: I hate a flat affect. I hate people who stand passively by and expect me to entertain them. While I’m incredibly entertaining, I want enthusiasm, expressions of gratitude and feedback. Without it, I may send them home.

Q: Do you offer overnight or longer scenes?
A: Yes, but only after establishing a relationship — one where I truly like you and enjoy your company.

Q: Where do you play?
A: I have a very large rural home on acreage — I play all over the house, indoors and out. Update 2019: I’ve relocated. I now split my time between NYC & Roxbury, CT in Litchfield County.

Q: Do you use safe words?
A: No, typically, I don’t offer safewords. I do an extensive interview process both before meeting you on the phone, and again, in person before beginning a scene. Playing with me means you trust I will competently assess our situation and you must accept that I know where you need to go far better than you do.

*The only exception to this would be a total newcomer who expressed reservations and fear. However, I caution them not to invoke a safeword gratuitously because I may become bored, tie them up and drink wine. 😉

Q: Are you part of any S&M groups or clubs?
A: No. I’m a very private person. Like many of you, I have a very real regular life and I don’t expose myself publicly. I prefer discreet public play. Which is not to say that I won’t go to some event with you, but we will have to discuss it.

Q: Do you take on house slaves or domestic slaves?
A: I receive at least two or three requests for this each day. I find it insulting. One doesn’t ask their doctor to diagnose them gratis in exchange for filing charts. You don’t ask for free hair cuts with an offering to sweep up and you most certainly don’t ask a waitress to comp your steak dinner in exchange for dishwashing. I am a professional and I expect to be accorded the respect commensurate with my experience. I will, however, allow my regular subs to perform acts of kindness for me and I’ll enjoy it. There’s nothing better than watching a man work for me.

Q: Do you socialize with your subs?
A: I’m open to socializing with subs upon occasion but they shouldn’t ask me before we’ve had 3 or 4 sessions together. I need to to evaluate and judge them, and to determine what, if any, positivity they bring to my life.

Q: What’s the biggest mistake a sub can make with you?
A: Wasting my time. I do not suffer fools. Acting the fool will render a sub permanently invisible to me. The “block tool” is my best friend.

Q: I know you’ve been doing video sessions since 2000, what do you like about them?
A: I’m very technologically savvy. In my VIP dungeon in Manhattan, I had live streaming cams all over the place and I built a communications server to serve one-on-one video sessions to individual users using a T-1 line. This was hard and I was way ahead of my time! Now, it’s easy. I use Skype or FaceTime and I LOVE it. I’m a very animated person. I have a lot of fun using tech. It affords me the opportunity to get to know someone who might otherwise not be able to meet due to geographical limitations. I’m able to consult with nervous, skeptical types and allay any pre-session fears they may have and I’m able to continue on-going training with my existing slaves. Every time I’m on cam I tell my playmates, as I put them through their paces, that it’s truly great to be me.

Q: Why do you have to charge for your time?
A: Dominance is my passion and my career. It doesn’t come with union protection, health insurance or a 401K. I have a limited amount of time and if you want to spend time with me you have to accept the realities of my unorthodox existence. Not to mention, it costs a lot of money to look this good. 🙂

Q: What are your physical statistics?
A: I’m 5’9 in bare feet. My shoe size is 9.5, AA width. My dress size is between 2-4 depending on the item. My jean size is 26. My weight varies between 135-140Lbs. I wear a 34″ inseam. At 69″ tall, that means I’m just about half legs. My eyes are grey; my hair is blonde; my skin is fair and my measurements are 39-27-37. I wear a 32F or 32DDD bra (they’re the same size).

Q: What are your hobbies?
A: I like driving too fast, playing my music too loud, being altogether too happy, and shooting guns at the range.

Q: What’s your favorite food?
A: I’m a huge fan of meat products — bacon, rare steaks, veal, duck, chicken and pork. I eat a tremendous amount of salad, vegetables, fruits and nuts. I’m allergic to wheat and dairy.

Q: Do you drink alcohol?
A: Yes, in moderation. I’m a fan of white wine. Primarily Pinot Grigio, Sauvignon Blanc, and Chardonnay. I love bourbon — neat and I always have a bottle of Maker’s Mark.

Q: Cats or dogs?
A: Dogs. I began training dogs and competing in obedience when I was 13. I’ve bred five AKC Champions. I exhibited dogs in both conformation and obedience up until 2009. 

Q: Beatles or Stones?
A: Stones! I saw them at Shea Stadium. Sixty-four thousand people and I sat third-row center because a nice man was trying to impress me. It worked (along with some carefully chosen very large jewels, because I married him. RIP)!

Q: What do you love?
A: I love a sunny day. Fresh pure air. Wind in my face. Speed. Great conversation. Genuine smiles. Laughter. Honesty. Kindness. Authentic people.

Q: What do you hate?
A: Fools. Intolerance. Ignorance. Hate. Deceit. Misogyny. Meanness. Rudeness. Rules.

Q: What’s your favorite car?
A: Bentley Continental Coupe. I carry around a pic on my iPhone as inspiration. I’m also a big fan of the Maserati coupe. Coupe is a recurring theme for me. I have a foreign luxury sports coupe. Update 2018: I’m a small foreign sedan now, ’cause I needed more room for luggage!

Q: What are your best qualities?
A: Honesty. Loyalty. Warmth. The size of my heart. The size of my smile. Intuition. Intellect. Good humor. Sex appeal. The confidence to not take myself too seriously.

Q: What are your worst qualities?
Impatience. Haughtiness. 

Q: What scares you?
A: Evangelical Christians. Vermin and snakes. Yuk!

Q: What’s your biggest weakness?
A: Diamonds. Clothes. Shoes. Bags.

Q: What are you passionate about?
A: Women’s rights. Equality for everyone. Tolerance.

Q: Do you have any secrets?
A: On an average day, I look 40. I turned 50 in April of 2015, which isn’t too tough to suss out because my references date me. My photos are real; I cheated the system. I’m blessed. I’ve been a Domme for over 30 years. [Each and every photo on this site is recent and completely unretouched in any way] :))

Reprinted with permission. By Andrew McCarthy and Sarah Douglas ©2014.