Casually Domme

Casually Domme

My career as a Pro-Domme began in quite a spontaneous and unorthodox way and fetish outfits were not a part of my early scenes. I was doing outcall scenes in Manhattan, carrying a bag of toys and the only way to safely make it into the luxury apartment buildings and swanky hotels, where I had to get past both doormen and security, was to dress conservatively—like a business woman.

In my early dungeons, I was in charge and not offering one-on-one sessions. My Dommes were decked out in full-on fetish gear as required by house rules and while I did frequent cameos (aka walk-ons), I was always wearing my boss-lady street clothes.

In the years preceding my departure from Manhattan, I played most days at my VIP location, and I donned fetish wear for most of these scenes. What I discovered was that I found absolutely no joy in dressing up in fetish gear. Dominance, for me, is not outfit dependant. I felt like I was submitted to the outfit. I was squished into latex, stuffed into PVC and perspiring like crazy in leather. Submitting to anything is completely inconsistent with my personality, and I gladly passed my collection of PVC, latex and leather on to Mistress Natalie when I left Manhattan.

Nowadays, I’m most likely found wearing either a short dress and heels, or business sexy—but I’m truly happiest in jeans and heels—my lifelong uniform. I read a quote once, “Truly stylish people find a look and stick to it.” I think this is apropos. I found my look in my teens and while the style of boots, jeans and belts have changed along with fashion, my favorite look has remained the same.

If you want me to be my happiest and true to myself, tell me you love my jeans! The pay-off is that I always look like the hot girl-next-door, so it’s doubly powerful when I take control and make you my little bitch.

Ms Nikki

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Thanksgiving. NYC, 2017.