Words From A Pet

Words From A Pet

This is an actual note from the slave pictured. It dates from the scene depicted below. 

Thank you ever so very much for inviting me into your beautiful home. I am completely aware of and can fully appreciate the careful trust it must take to host someone you’ve never met under the circumstances with which we’ve come together. Please know how truly honored I feel that you welcomed me inside, and that I take that privilege very seriously. I promise to always respect and hold dear your trust in all manners, and hope to continue to earn your continued invitation to return.

I will always remember the stunning and breathtaking first moments we met. Wow. You have a style and way about you that commands immediate attention. I am humbled by your incredible attractive charm and sophistication while being helplessly drawn in by your disarming warm smile and (of course) your extraordinarily evocative sexuality. You have already exponentially enhanced my very happy, wonderful, blessed life beyond rational comprehension.

You are such a phenomenally gracious, welcoming host(ess); I can only begin to imagine the amazing pleasures (and pains hehe…) you have brought so many. I get the distinct impression that I am incapable of comprehending the depth of your available and boundless creativity. The passion that you clearly invested in your preparation and planning prior to my visit was more appreciated than I can adequately describe.

I am finding that any resistance to thoughts of you and our time together drifting in to my consciousness stream completely futile. And we’ve only spent one afternoon together! My great hope is that you will honor me with continual and repetitive invitations to come explore and share more of your mischievous/devious/deviant/delightful/playful creativity. I so want to serve you as a favorite pet boy toy, your captive slave, your long term hostage, the human object to fulfill your domination needs and desires with playful delight and respectful obedience.

From the moment you pulled up beside me – WOW my chest pounded when I saw you – a chic, hot, gorgeous woman with a distinct confident style, I was immediately drawn in and captured by you. You have since proved to be every bit of the stunning, sophisticated, seductive and sexy woman of my most erotic dreams and more. Yes, in just our couple of hours together!

When we arrived at your beautiful home, while chatting casually on your couch, your powerful captivating presence attracted me to all aspects (known and yet unknown, but curious about) of you with such an irresistible pull I had to exert everything I could gather up from within to somehow maintain some degree of gentlemanly control over my selfish boy urges. Oh, gracious did you capture my attention (guessing this is little to no surprise for you to hear one of your many play friends express to and about you…)! I was completely at your service, under your command, and subject to your mercies from that moment.

→ framinghamGuy bound to my antique chair with his favorite silk fabric.

Your lovely, soft, melodious voice primed all of my senses into a delicious state of high awareness mixed with a wonderful calming ease and acceptance of whatever fate (and your crafted plans for us) had in store. Then, when you enveloped me in your close essence, even before you skillfully captured my wrists with the over-door restraints you had so willfully prepared, I felt all sense of rational thought and control begin to leave my entire being. I absolutely loved being undressed by you! Your strategically(?) placed mirrors allowed fulfillment of an unexpected voyeur fetish that I wasn’t aware I even had! All of your creativity and preparation is such an extraordinary and incredible aphrodisiac Nikki; then add in the (perception or reality?) element of your personal enjoyment of the process of the scene, and the stimulation became overwhelming in its sensual power and delight.

I still have the permanent image burned into my brain of you, dressed in your glorious stiletto boots with your gamine toned legs emerging from under your little black dress as your seductive catwalk brought you toward me, restrained to your door frame, as you balled up your pink lace panties, carrying the roll of duct tape I knew was for silencing my moans, whimpers and cries. You wrapped my legs together with the tape in the most firm, powerful and determined manner, removing all hope of my escape. You sensuously held my jaw as I willingly opened wide so you were able to stuff your panties deep and fully into my mouth and throat. Then your soft, strong, elegant hands smoothed layer upon layer of long strips of the tape over my lips (that so longed to caress and kiss you ALL over…), chin and cheeks, muffling my voice with a very effective gag. I loved how you dramatically and methodically went about the gagging process. Now my voice and my moans, like my body, were yours to control. It was like you were reading one of my depraved fantasies as you brought my arms together behind me, taped them firmly together, then added nicely snugged ropes to my elbows and around my chest and body. I was now your powerless passionate prisoner, kidnap victim, slave boy toy hostage. I was happy to entertain you as you guided my bunny hops over to the play area…

The mischievous delight in your big bright grey eyes, the silken cage of your soft beautiful blond mane surrounding me, the warmth of your satin pillow sheath soft skin of your hands, your cheeks, your throat, your earlobes, your thighs, your breasts held me a helpless captive as your marvelously toned and trim glorious body compressed me into the submissive clay that you artistically trussed up and molded into your hogtied, owned human hostage play toy.

→ framinghamGuy is my human chair for an impromptu selfie during a weekend visit to my house.

In your loving control you took and kept my freedom, my voice, my breath, my sight, my thoughts, my will, and my male dignity. Through penetrating me and breaking me down, you built an everlasting play pet for you to use, play with, enjoy, and further expose to all of your desires – depraved and delightful though they may be – bring ’em on! (insert playful giggles here…) Your solicitous and lovely essence made me feel cared for like a vulnerable, treasured child. You have a direct mainline now deep into my heart and soul and you now occupy an exclusive sovereign place embedded in my spirit that I absolutely love to carry with me. Nikki, I want you to know how marvelously dear that is to me, and how very special that I feel it because it is of YOU. This unexpectedly has become more than a simple satisfaction of my merinthopiliac tendencies and desires. I loved the Stockholm Syndrome, the exhaustive surrender, and depleted state of forced compliance that naturally evolved while I was under the absolute control of your commanding presence. What a feeling that I long to repeat with you over and over for as long as you desire to have me!

Then, you wonderful scheming vixen you ;), you collected (added to an extensive collection no doubt, yes?) photos and a DNA sample to prove your ownership of me – your creativity is dangerously delicious indeed! I am only too happy to be owned by you, and I hope to remain worthy of your permission to remain in your presence and in your stable of preferred play pets. Even as the little hairs of my wrists, ankles, forearms and legs that were torn off with the tape you used to bind me with begin to grow back into the baby skin soft voids their removal left, I long for more adventure travel right to the precipice of the hard limits you are so thankfully and mercifully aware of. Again, I do feel ultimately safe and cared for when we’re together. I loved the remembrance and awareness of my nipple sensitivity from the simple rubbing of my shirt on my run the other day – after your severe, punishing, pinches and pulls made them rather raw, they have readily leapt to attention from just the slightest of stimulation!

Oh do I imaging limitless scenarios in our future meetings – I’ll put an ‘executive summary’ together for you that’s less verbose than the above. If you have read this in its entirety, thank you you amazing creature you, and please know I’d LOVE the opportunity to casually further discuss/elaborate AND be made aware of any details of your perceptions and impressions of us, our play, and dare I say our new and growing relationship as play partners and friends.

Nikki, I truly cherish you and us with all the respect and appreciation imaginable.

With warm hugs and permitted kisses,
framinghamGuy [name redacted for discretion]